Social Media Zero Tolerance Policy

Following recent activity on Facebook, Houghton Post, Houghton Have Your Say and Google where patients of Kepier Medical Practice posted derogatory comments about the practice and some of our staff, we now have a Social Media Zero Tolerance policy in place.

If any such posts are brought to our attention they could be viewed as a potential breakdown in the doctor–patient relationship, and may result in you being removed from our list.

We may contact the patients involved and invite them in to have a face-to-face discussion about the issues that they have.

We welcome all feedback, as it gives us the opportunity to review the services that we provide and where necessary or appropriate, make any changes or improvements. However, we would ask that rather than posting derogatory or hurtful comments about the practice or any of our staff on social media, or if there are any aspects of the service that you are not entirely happy with, please speak to us about this or put your comments to us in writing giving us the opportunity to respond.

You would not expect to read derogatory comments about yourself at your own place of work – neither do we.